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The Intention of Listening Deeply

Anyone who has played Gossip, the game of people whispering a message from ear to ear within a circle, can attest to how the last player reports some variation of the original message. Everyone laughs in amusement, but the game is a wonderful example of how rapidly communication can decay once set into motion.
Bearing that fact in mind, one needs build a clear message that can hold up in the erosive process of dissemination. If you want to be understood, it is essential that the first person in your communication chain is capable of thoroughly listening to what you have to say.

Ideally, the first person to whom you relay your message must genuinely know the difference between hearing and listening.

Many people don’t really know how to listen. They allow your words to reach their ears but pause only long enough to figure their immediate response and then use your line as a springboard to dive into whatever they want to talk about. How can someone listen to what you have to say when their priority is figuring out their responses?

A person practiced in the art of authentic listening operates with the intention of soaking in what you have to say, pausing to consider it, and then asking clarifying questions based on what was heard. A deep listener often restates what she or he hears you say, allowing you the opportunity to clarify or elaborate upon your message.

Effective communication is a two-way creative process. Whether you are starting with a gist of an idea or an elaborate concept of global impact, the most effective way to develop and amplify your message is to contact someone capable of not only listening to what you have to say but one also one knowledgeable in crafting messages. It’s the same approach as asking a skilled architect and contractor to build your dream home.

Happy Mediums draws upon years of journalistic experience in authentic listening, interviewing, and writing practices. Your message is truly effective only if it conveys the story you want to tell. I am prepared to listen deeply to what you have to say.

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