Because Happy Mediums LLC provides such a wide range of writing, editing, and design services, rates vary according to the type of project requested. The best way to find out is to call for a free quote. In general, hourly or per-project rates are comparable to the national average fees listed in the 2013 Writer’s Market.

Payment may be made by credit card through Pay Pal.     > Make Payment

Money orders or checks can be mailed to:

Happy Mediums, LLC
P.O Box 700
Snowville, Utah 84336

Resume Rates

Entry-Level Resume or Revision – ­­$90
(Zero to two years of experience)

Mid-Level Resume or Revision – $150
(Three or more years of experience)

Executive Resume or Revision – $190
(Many years experience and detail in your profession)

Resume Cover Letter – $30
A well-written cover letter lets your potential employer know you know a little about them and highlights your resume.

Resume Thank You Letter – $25

Postage Fee – All resume clients who request priority mailing for documents and disk, please add $5 to your payment. Clients receiving documents via e-mail do not have to pay postage.

Editing Rates

Level 1: Writing – One half to one page an hour @ $60/hr.

Level 2: Rewriting – One and one half to two pages an hour @ $60/hr.

Level 3: Structural Editing – Two to Four pages an hour @ $60/hr.

Level 4: Copy Editing – Five pages an hour @ $50/hr.

Level 5: Proofreading – Seven pages an hour @ $50/hr.

Considering the culminated education and professional writing experience that I offer clients, I think you’ll find my rates are very reasonable. Please contact us to discuss the benefits and cost of creating your particular product.