Expert copywritingHappy Mediums provides five levels of writing and editing service, depending upon your particular needs.

Level One: Writing – You have notes and ideas, but need help in organizing and expressing them.

Level Two: Rewriting – You have something written, but are not happy with all of the wording.

Level Three: Structural Editing – You are satisfied with what you have written but need some help with the structure and flow.

Level Four: Copy Editing – You are happy with your writing and its structure but want an editor’s eye to find any problems with spelling, punctuation, grammar, consistency and clarity of style, as well as consistency of format.

Level Five: Proofreading – Your text has already been copyedited, but needs a final check before it is printed or published online. Or your text for printing has already been typeset or retyped and you want it checked against your original typed, edited version.

Present your writing with confidence, knowing it has been carefully reviewed by a professional editor.

In addition to using the standard style manuals, Happy Mediums can incorporate specialized style guides (such as medical, legal, or other technical guidelines) into the editing process.